Tuesday, March 29

Leave your niche and sound stupid 

Hey, wouldn't it be clever to have a carpet store called CARPET DIEM?

Sure it would.

Or how about a store called JUST TABLES AND CHAIRS?

You bet.

Now, how stupid is it when the first store renames itself CARPET AND FURNITURE DIEM? Or howzabout JUST TABLES AND CHAIRS...AND BARSTOOLS TOO! These are both real examples. I can't make stuff like this up!

I recently saw a van for a local catering company that said "Specializing in Corporate and Private Catering." Well, what else is there? Lunar catering, or catering for prisons? ALL THERE IS is "Corporate and Private Catering" - specializing in both means they specialize in neither.

I recently came across another guy who calls himself a Biofeedback Sales Trainer. Huh?!? He used to cure migraines with the same biofeedback approach. And before that, was a career consultant. Imagine this gent's credibility when he introduces himself that way. Next, he'll be selling vitamins on late night TV.

POINT: Find a niche, own that niche, and DON'T MOVE AWAY from it. And if you do, sure as hell don't talk about all the other things you used to do!!! I recently read that gay bookstores are struggling. Guess why? They're starting to stock more mainstream material, too, and cater to both markets. Bye, bye, Birdie.

Lose your focus and die. It's just that simple. What's next? Harley Davidson perfume? [Hint: they tried it - it failed miserably.] Stick to your knitting, people, stick to your knitting.

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