Wednesday, March 2

Hey stupid, take me off your list 

Here's an email I sent to someone who truly doesn't understand email marketing. All I get from this person is emails announcing new partners, press releases, and other nonsense that is of no interest to anyone outside their 5-person organization. So I opened up on the poor sap:

Dear Shlomo:

I have yet to receive a single piece of value from being on your mailing list. Think about it: do I really give a crap about your partner announcements, press releases, and other self-centered trivia you send out?

If you want your mailing list to generate business, and not annoyed emails like this one from people who are in a position to refer you, then start loading up your email (and every other piece of outbound communication) with VALUE. Let me spell it out for you: VALUE is about *ME*, it's not about YOU.

Send me checklists, tip sheets, Top 10 things to look for in this or that, white papers and reports (no jargon, just plain English info that I can use immediately). Help me, guide me, advise me, show me how smart you are.

Until then, please remove me from your mailing list.

David Newman

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