Tuesday, February 15

Valentines from salary.com! 

"It turns out that making a lot of money doesn't necessarily make you sexy. In a recent poll conducted by Salary.com, firefighter hosed down the competition and won the title of 'sexiest job' with 16% of the nearly 5,000 votes. These brave, uniformed public servants lit it up over other high paying jobs like doctor, lawyer, and Chief Executive Officer. Take it from the wife of a firefighter: 'How could you not find it sexy when a person is willing to risk his life for another's; literally walk through fire? You can't put a price tag on that. It is not just a job to them, but a way of life. It is who they are.' Flight attendants also flew high, finishing second in the poll with 13% of the vote. We scoped these job titles to see exactly what this year's most popular Valentines are making for salaries.

Sexiest Jobs

Title (% of Votes)
Firefighter 16%
Flight Attendant 13%
CEO 11%
Reporter 10%
Interior Designer 10%
Event Planner 10%
Nurse 9%
Teacher 8%
Doctor 7%
Lawyer 4%
Veterinarian 3%


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