Monday, February 14

Rome wasn't built... 

This week, I'm speaking to the Philadelphia Chapters of both the International Coaching Federation and also ASTD.

One of my messages is that it's impossible to go forward in all directions at once. People need to focus.

SINGLE-tasking is the most underrated skill of corporate warriors and entrepreneurs alike. Most people are great at going in 12 directions by inches, whereas success comes from going forward in 1 direction by miles.

I tell people that it's like cancer research - the researchers focusing on cancer will not switch to something else if it seems more interesting; they won't also try to cure Parkinson's Disease or MS. They're going to STICK WITH IT until they find their answer.

Now, I just came across one of the sharpest and most succinct ways to communicate this powerful idea, from speaker John Childers:

Rome wasn’t built while they were working on Sicily.

Exactly! Focus!!!

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