Friday, February 18

How to turn an UNSUBSCRIBE into a laugh 

The verdict is in. In the spam wars, HUMANS WIN.

Check out this email exchange with someone asking to be taken off my mailing list for a special series of seminars I'm doing for a Chamber of Commerce:

*** Mike Dornenberg wrote: ***

please take me off the e-mail list

Then I replied with this:

Mr. Mike:

You bad man. No more seminars for you. No business plan. No sales.

You off list. Me mad now. No seminars, you hear?!! You off list for good!!!!

-- Huang

And he replied with the following:

*** Mike Dornenberg wrote: ***

No be mad. Me already know everything.


Is that classic, or what? I was being funny - and he was being funny. We were being human with each other!

Try something like this the next time someone asks to be removed from your list. You may win a friend, a client, or both!!

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