Thursday, January 13

Pros and cons of intrapreneurship 

In my experience with employee/intrapreneurs, here are the 4 pros of intrapreneurship:

1. More engaged, committed, accountable employee behavior
2. More well-rounded, financially savvy workers who know where the business is and where it needs to go
3. More proactive "do what needs to be done" attitude vs. "doing my best" within narrow job descriptions
4. "Ownership mindset" leads to increased openness, innovation and risk-taking, and reduced fear, negative judgement, and tension of "us vs. them"

The 4 cons of intrapreneurship are:

1. Difficult to "flip the switch" from employee culture to intrapreneur culture
2. Managing successful intrapreneurs is akin to herding cats - i.e. you can do it, but you need a can of tuna fish!
3. Less top-down control and more uncertainty in the beginning increases the required quantity and quality of communication from everyone
4. Intrapreneurs will stretch the company, and old-line managers in particular, out of their comfort zones in day to day operations such as meetings and decision-making, perhaps causing some painful (but necessary) turnover.

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