Wednesday, January 12

It's not about credentials 

This week, I met with a woman named Susan.

She was referred to me by a mutual friend, the best damn career consultant in the country, Ford Myers of Career Potential.

I met with Susan to see if I can help her with some contacts as she prepares to leave her solo consulting practice which she's been working on for the past 18 months for the security of a 'real' job. I'm always glad to lend folks like this a hand. At first, I thought she wanted help with building her consulting business. [I'm always interested in those kinds of referrals, too - wink, wink]

But she's not. It's too late. Time for Susan to throw in the towel.

Susan reminds me that it's really not about credentials, is it? She has a Harvard MBA, a Doctorate in Psychology, and an SPHR designation - this woman looks like an HR/OD dream on paper. Yet, she only got a small trickle of clients "through osmosis" in her own words. Bottom line: ya gotta do the marketing!!!

It's a shame when people like this throw in the towel. But, of course, I'm WAAAYYYYY biased on this issue, as you can guess. I always want the free agent to win, find the answers, get successful, and leave the 9-5 world behind. [I much prefer the 6am-midnight world that I live in!!!]

-- David [written at 5:47am!]

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