Tuesday, January 25

Even prospects who don’t buy should get a Happy Meal 

Rule 15. Even prospects who don’t buy should get a Happy Meal. And prospects who DO BUY should get a feast.

Here’s what I mean. Look at your marketing materials. The key question to ask is "Will people keep your marketing materials even if they don’t do business with you?"

Are you providing REAL value? Is your message more about THEM and THEIR problems and THEIR solutions than about YOU and YOUR SERVICES and YOUR CREDENTIALS?

The bottom line is nobody cares about YOU. Period. All they care about is what ideas you have for them, how you can help them reach THEIR goals, and how your solution makes their life easier, better, or more profitable.

I’m talking about everything you send out – your sales letters, brochure, newsletters, e-zine, presentation kit, everything should be a KEEPER.

QUESTION: How can you make sure the stuff you send out CAN’T be thrown away? Think tip sheets, checklists, resources, action steps, samples, booklets, articles, how-to guides, etc.

Can you recall ever receiving a piece like this yourself? What was in it? Why did you keep it? WHERE did you keep it? Did you show it to others? Why? What was their reaction? Did you want to steal the idea and adapt it for yourself? DID YOU?!?

The more value you provide in your marketing, the more you are reinforcing the idea, “Wow! This person is sending out this great information to EVERYBODY – imagine what we’d get if we became CLIENTS!!” And then, naturally, you have to deliver tons of great value to your clients – even after they’ve stopped paying you. Here’s a testimonial I use all the time to reinforce the FEAST idea:

David Newman has to be the hardest working guy in sales training. Just one of his ideas helped us to triple the revenue from our core service. Even after we finished working together, I would get emails from David about another idea he had for us. He far surpasses any course I have ever taken, any book or tapes I have read. You cannot hire a better person for your company than David Newman.”
-- Mary Broussard, CEO, The Barter Connection

What have YOU got along these lines? Are you sending out VALUE (you-you-you) or are you sending out FREE RECYCLABLES (me-me-me)?

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