Monday, January 3

Education + Information = Trust 

Today's complex sale requires the following:

Trust, therefore, becomes the theme for a new type of marketing.

Education + Information = Inspiring Trust

A key aspect of prospecting is the ability to provide valuable education and information to prospects up front—to become a trusted advisor. You are then perceived to be an expert. You don't sell; you don't make pitches. Instead, you provide insights and solutions, all within the realm of your expertise and thus become the first they call when there's a need.

When your marketing program has that single point of focus of developing trust, your time is freed up for other things; your business will become more profitable and less reliant on competing on price; traditional "jerk selling" is eliminated in the interest of more open and honest conversations with prospects; you win more business on a sole-source basis, and more new business referrals come your way.

Above all, you feel good about what you have to offer. That's the key to making your sales activities easy, effortless, enjoyable - and effective!!

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