Monday, January 31

Becoming a 'professional' 

From coach Michael Neill's newsletter that came across my inbox this morning:
How do you know if you are approaching an area of your life as an amateur or a professional?

Here are a few of the ways I’ve discovered so far:

1. Amateurs work when they feel like it; professionals work to a schedule.

2. Amateurs do it because they love it; professionals do it because they’ve decided to do it (although they may well love it, they recognize there are times when they will likely hate it as well).

3. The amateur is committed to their own well-being; the professional is committed both to continual learning and producing results – looking after the goose while producing plenty of golden eggs.

The fact is, investing in the professional approach pays consistent dividends. Most things in life will succumb to the simple act of putting in the hours, day after day after day until the hours have become days, the days weeks, months, and years and you have developed a previously undreamed of capacity for excellence.

Though some days will always go better than others, for the professional, every day has the potential for greatness.
David's take: As I say in my talks to both entrepreneurs and corporate insiders - Start with zero every day. Assume nothing. Put fresh targets on your radar daily. Produce work WORTH PAYING FOR every day.

This is a marathon, not a sprint! Professionals are equipped for this... amateurs are surprised by it.

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