Thursday, December 23

Rule 8. Companies that squelch creativity can no longer compete  

I'm working on a presentation for FAST COMPANY's Company of Friends in Philadelphia in January. I have the toughest possible assignment - make a DIFFERENCE to these people in 60 minutes or less. So I'm paring my material down, partly based on a survey I sent to the group. A lot of good stuff is ending up on the cutting room floor... so I thought I'd share pieces of it here.

Rule 8. Companies that squelch creativity can no longer compete with companies that champion creativity.

Nor can you bully a subordinate into becoming a genius.

But the facts are in. Creativity has replaced fixed assets as the primary generator of corporate and entrepreneurial growth. Ideas are your most potent competitive resources. Sometimes, both corporate executives and entrepreneurs lose some or all of their creative juices. Do you know what to do when your well runs dry? Can you jumpstart ideas to solve business problems, develop new strategies and processes, or market your offerings more effectively?

Creativity is valuable simply because it’s just another name for your “business idea engine.” And the engine needs to be turned on and backed up with plenty of gas before you can go anywhere interesting!

Creativity is more than brainstorming; more than problem-solving; more than fun and games. It’s a mindset of doing your work with a positive attitude, and proactively looking for ways to do better.

It’s the opposite of complacency; it’s the opposite of “good-enough” and it’s the opposite of “we’ve always done it that way” AND “we’ve never done it that way.” The real focus of business creativity is simply getting the job done in the fastest, cheapest, easiest, AND best way. It’s not about compromise – it’s about breakthroughs that look impossible on the front end and impossibly obvious on the back end.

Companies that champion creativity both formally and informally are much better at developing new business strategies, tactics, ideas, and value.

But, see, the group I'm talking to on 1/27 already know this. So... I have about 28 more pieces to work through. Expect to see at least 6-7 more rules get snipped onto the cutting room floor... and appear in this space soon!

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