Tuesday, October 26

Know more vs. Know different 

As I was preparing for a marketing seminar last week, it occurred to me that there are very few people who know MORE than you do. Sure, they might know more in a particular area, but then YOU know more in different areas than they do.

So, perhaps a way to cross-pollinate ideas, surround yourself with "smart" people, and learn from your peers is to seek out NOT people that know MORE than you do - but to seek out people that know DIFFERENT than you do.

When's the last time you spent some time with a college professor? I walk with one on my way to school each morning to drop off my son. When's the last time you spent some time with a storyteller, actor, or improv comedian? Not to hear stories or jokes, but to exchange ideas and think WITH them. Do you know the Guinness Book record-holder for balloon sculptures? I do. He's a great guy. How about a puppeteer? Psychologist? PR guru? Web designer? Pastry chef? IT geek? Nurse?

Talk to these people. Seek out people that know DIFFERENT. Very few people actually know MORE.

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