Wednesday, August 11

Lessons from #1 

J.M. Smucker topped the list of the 2004 "100 Best Companies to Work For" issued earlier this year by the Great Place to Work Institute and Fortune magazine.

Their extremely simple code of conduct (and the foundation of their strong corporate culture) is as follows:

Listen with your full attention
Look for the good in others
Have a sense of humor
Say thank you for a job well done

See, it's simple! No big words. No "mission/vision/gobbledygook." And what is most interesting to me is that the "corporate code" above is not corporate at all -- it's PERSONAL. It addresses the way each individual person is expected to BEHAVE (not think - but ACT).

What's the corporate code where you work? Is there a difference between the written code (on the wall in the lobby, perhaps?) and the way people really treat each other? The thing that may be unique and wonderful about Smucker's is - there ISN'T! It's for real.

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