Monday, June 14

Innovation Top 2004 Priority for 90% of Companies 

The "Innovation to Cash" study published recently by The Boston Consulting
Group found that of the 236 executives (from 30 different countries)
surveyed, 20% said innovation is THE top priority going into 2004; 69% said
is was part of their top three list; and 90% put innovation in their top

Leading executives say innovation is a top priority for 2004, but they
aren't happy with their firms' abilities to harness or deliver it

Perhaps more important, 64% of the companies surveyed plan to spend more in
2004 on initiatives that increase innovation within their organizations, the
study found.

For a free copy of BCG report "Raising the Return on Innovation:
Innovation-to-Cash Survey 2003" send me an email david@unconsulting.com
with "BCG innovation" in the subject line. I'll send it out to your inbox

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