Wednesday, June 16

Innovation is ALIVE: the real value of IT 

From IT senior consultant Jim Carty (www.isvaluecorp.com):

Innovation is Alive! Report from the Drexel University Baiada Center
2004 Entrepreneur Conference

Listening to the entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and compete for capital, it was clear what the next frontier of Information Technology will be: Innovation.

They weren't inventing a new technology or making scientific breakthroughs - but rather were applying already existing technology in new and innovative ways to a wide array of functions - both business and personal.

With all the advances in IT, along with the stretching of Moore's Law (Gordon Moore, the Co-founder of Intel predicted the computing power of microprocessors would double every 18 months - and it has for the last 30 years - until now. It's now taking scientists almost 30 months to double the power of a chip - egads!) The greatest value multiplier is human creativity. Now that technology has reached its current stage of maturity, a whole new wave of advances in the APPLICATION of IT will be arriving soon.
Remember, folks, my definition of CREATIVITY = thinking up new stuff.
INNOVATION = doing new stuff (with what you've got if possible!)

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