Saturday, March 6

6 Principles That Will Unlock You from The "Sales Game" Forever 

This came across my desk from Ari Galper of Unlock the Game and I like it a lot -- it's very much in line with my own philosophy of helping people "sell from the heart":
It seems as if applying the following 6 principles would actually make your sales drop. But that's the paradox -- instead of designing a process for getting you to a close or to making a sale, I came up with an approach that starts with only one goal -- to get to the truth:

- Call without any expectations of a sale.
- Open a dialogue centered on your prospect's world.
- Build a relationship with no hidden agendas.
- You and your prospect both decide whether you have a "fit" or "no fit."
- Whether you make this sale or not, you now know the prospect's truth.
- Sale or not, you've built a relationship for the future.


See? Sales is NOT rocket science! It's about being REAL and being of REAL VALUE.

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